The Indigenous Artists Collection

Blankets have always been an integral part of Indigenous North American life and history, and to this day are still tied to Indigenous rituals, including celebrations of marriage, christenings and potlatches. In honor of these traditions, our Artist Series endeavors to capture both traditional and contemporary designs with licensing programs that give back to the artist, the organization and the community.

Kanata offers several blanket options with original designs from some of North America’s most celebrated Indigenous artists. Designs are either woven into our cotton tapestry blankets, or printed onto our soft polyester and wool blankets, as well as our lightweight scarves. Featured artists come from some of the most artistically esteemed cultures, such as the Haida, including artists Bill Reid, Joe Mandur JR, James Hart, Debra Sparrow, and brothers Jaalen and Gwaai Edenshaw.

The sales of each of these Indigenous designed blankets goes towards the support of the artist and their communities.