The Tek Explorer at the Beach

Adrienne, April and Sophie from Kanata Blanket brought the Tek Explorer and Debra Sparrow’s “Patterns of Life” Voile Scarf to the beach.

Sophie and Tek Explorer blanket at the beach

Our first test was to bring the Tek Explorer right to the beach and drape it on a log. The Tek Explorer’s fleece side was a lot comfier than sitting on plain wood and we didn’t have to worry about getting dirty from sand, dirt or bird droppings. It was also nice to not have to worry about any wetness coming through, since the text explorer is water-resistant on one side.

Tek Explorer Beach Kanata Blanket

The Tek Explorer rolls up and has a handy carrying handle, so it was easy to transport. We also liked the bright red on the water-resistant side. As for the Patterns of Life Voile Scarf, its bright, bold pattern looked beautiful against the natural patterns at the beach, and it looked great fluttering in the wind!

Sophie and Adrienne with Patterns of Life Voile Scarf by Debra Sparrow and the Tek Explorer

Adrienne and Sophie sat for a while and watched the ocean while having a snack and a drink. The blanket was definitely big enough for two to sit on. And no worries about getting it dirty, since that’s what it’s for. The water-resistant side easily wipes down.

Tek Explorer Beach Kanata Blanket

This rock was super slimy, and we almost fell a few times trying to get up it! Here’s April with Cooper, who ended up being the star of the show. Even he preferred to sit on the blanket rather than the slimy seaweed.

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