Hummingbird Challenger Lambswool

Hummingbird Challenger Lambswool

$ 67.50

The Hummingbird Challenger Lambswool throw features the individual Hummingbird design from Randy Wisla embroidered onto our Challenger Lambswool Throw blanket. In Native American culture, the Hummingbird signifies peace, love, joy and happiness.


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Kanata presents the Hummingbird Challenger Lambswool throw, which features the individual Hummingbird design from Randy Wisla embroidered onto our super-soft micro fur Challenger Lambswool Throw blanket.

A Kanata blanket expresses appreciation with a high-quality gift that people will love to receive, and our Challenger Lambswool continues to be one of our top-selling throws for just this reason.

Classy gift, great quality, cozy and warm and washes up beautifully. Everyone is delighted to receive the Challenger Lambswool.

In Native American culture, the Hummingbird signifies peace, love, joy and happiness. Hummingbirds are depicted in their symbol as a mated pair and represent devotion, eternity and life. The Hummingbird is able to fly backwards, teaching us that we can look back on our past, but that we must not dwell on it — we need to move forward. This creature is the one that opens the heart. When the hurt that caused us to close our hearts gets a chance to heal, our hearts are free to open again. Many Native Americans see the Hummingbird as a symbol of good luck. Randy Wisla himself describes Hummingbirds as “joyful messengers who represent peace, affection and good fortune. The Hummingbird is a living rainbow that captures the sunlight and turns it into a jewel on its wings, signifying love, beauty and healing.”

As part of Kanata’s art collection, Indigenous artist Randy Wisla incorporates his simple yet elegant Hummingbird design onto this delightfully snug and super-soft Challenger Lambswool Throw.

Reversible, self-hemmed throw. Micro fur reversed with super-soft faux lambswool.

About the Artist
Randy Wisla, proud member of the Carrier Nation of North Central British Columbia, finds personal strength and inspiration from his culture and his elders. As the son of established Northwest Coast Native carver Charles Harper, he developed his creative skills early in life by sketching with pencils and pastels. The process of deconstructing the world and reconstructing it through a piece of art was taught to Randy through his apprenticeship with his father. For Randy, there are no creative limits to his work as an artist.

• • •

Dans les cultures amérindiennes, le Colibri est synonyme de paix, d’amour, de joie et de bonheur. Un couple de Colibris représente la dévotion, l’éternité et la vie. Le Colibri est capable de voler en arrière, nous enseignant ainsi que nous pouvons jeter un regard sur notre passé, mais que nous ne devons pas nous y attarder – car nous devons aller de l’avant. Cette créature est celle qui ouvre le coeur. Quand la blessure qui a fermé notre cœur a eu la chance de guérir, notre cœur est libre de s’ouvrir de nouveau. Pour de nombreux Amérindiens, le Colibri est une créature qui porte bonheur.

Randy Wisla décrit les Colibris comme « des messagers joyeux qui symbolisent la paix, l’affection et la chance. Le Colibri est un arc-en-ciel vivant qui capte la lumière du soleil et la transforme en bijou sur ses ailes, un signe d’amour, de beauté et de guérison. »

À propos de l’artiste
Randy Wisla est fier de son appartenance à la nation Carrier du Centre-Nord de la Colombie-Britannique. Il trouve sa force intérieure et son inspiration dans sa culture et ses aînés. Fils de Charles Harper, un sculpteur autochtone de la côte Nord-Ouest, il a développé ses talents créatifs très jeune en faisant des dessins au crayon et des pastels. C’est son père qui lui a enseigné à déconstruire le monde et à le reconstruire à travers une œuvre d’art. Pour Randy, il n’y a aucune limite créative à son travail d’artiste.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs



100% polyester


Measures 50" x 60"

Care instructions

Machine wash for easy care – cold. Suggest to wash separately. Gentle dry.

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