Pillows & Quillows

Pillows and Quillows for Travel or for the Home

Kanata Blanket offers Quillows, which are blankets that fold into convenient and easy-to-carry pillows, as well as a neck pillow for your traveling comfort. As part of the Pro Towels family, we continue to lead the way in the retail industry by introducing new concepts and fabrics.

Since 1993 we’ve been developing our product line, from our Licensed Artist Collection with original designs from some of North America’s most celebrated Indigenous artists, to our Home Collection, which offers home decor options to fit any space. Keep an eye out and check out our NEW product category, as it continues to be updated all the time.

Kanata upholds superior product quality standards, award-winning decoration and delivery of your order, exceptional international manufacturing capabilities, domestic manufacturing capabilities, and innovative products and solutions.