Picnic in the Park

Katrina, Caitlin, and Sophie brought comfy Kanata blankets to Queen Elizabeth Park. These included Bill Helin’s printed Velura™ with Raven design, Israel Shotridge’s Lovebirds Velura™, the Soft Touch Velura™, and three Voile Scarves with licensed designs.

Soft Touch Velura Blankets by Kanata Blanket


Bill Helin Raven Velura Blankets from Kanata Blanket

Katrina and Caitlin took turns showing off Bill Helin’s Raven Velura™ Throw. The red and black look striking against the natural surroundings.

Israel Shotridge Lovebirds Velura Blankets from Kanata Blanket

“In one hundred years, I see myself in a space station going for a run. Except instead of running, I would be floating, and I would also have a jetpack just for fun.”
– Katrina wearing Israel Shotridge’s Lovebirds Throw.

Climbing trees was a breeze. If you lose your grip, you have a blanket to soften your fall! (Although don’t try this at home. 🙂 )

Voile Scarves from Kanata Blanket

The Voile Scarves looked super cute on K and C. Left is Bill Helin’s “Hummingbird” scarf, and right is James Hart’s Haida “Dreamtime” scarf.

Soft Touch Velura Blankets by Kanata Blanket

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