Blankets in Stanley Park

Adrienne with Kanata Blanket's Patterns of Life Voile Scarf by Debra Sparrow in Stanley Park

Blankets in Stanley Park

We had a picnic in Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, to test out the Tek Explorer, the Cabin Throw, the “Hummingbird” Velura blanket by Randy Wisla and the “Patterns of Life” Voile Scarf by Debra Sparrow. April’s dog, Cooper, became the unlikely star of the show — he rocked Kanata’s blankets better than anyone!

1.       Would you rather go camping in a beautiful forest or spend the night in a fancy hotel?

Adrienne: I would definitely rather go camping! I love being in the outdoors; you forget everything and just relax.

April: Depends! I like the serenity of the forest but the comforts of a fancy hotel.

Sophie: A fancy hotel sounds nice and relaxing, but you don’t really see anything new when you stay in a hotel. I’d choose camping in a beautiful forest.

2.       Do you prefer warm weather or cool weather?

Adrienne: I prefer cool weathers because I don’t like tanning. I like bundling up in the cold winters, too.

April: Definitely warm weather! Nothing better than sitting on a warm sunny patio with a nice cool drink in your hand!

Sophie: I love warm weather! I wish it were warm all year long. It’s funny that I work at a blanket company because I’m always cold.

3.       If you had to lose one of your five senses, which one could you do without?

Adrienne: If I had to lose one sense, it would be taste because I love food so much; sometimes it becomes my enemy. Haha.

April: This is SO hard! I think that the sense that I would miss the least is my sense of hearing. Not that I think it would be easy, but you can still communicate without your hearing and remain fairly independent.

Sophie: I would lose my sense of smell. It might make my bus and skytrain commute a little easier.

4.       What was your childhood dream job?

Adrienne: My childhood dream job was to become a veterinarian because I love animals and I grew up surrounded by cats and dogs.

April: It changed frequently but mostly had to do with the law. Some days I wanted to be a police officer and some days I wanted to be a lawyer.

Sophie: I wanted to be a fashion designer and spent my time drawing pretty outfits. I even took sewing lessons for five years as a kid before I decided I wasn’t really into it. Now I’m a graphic designer – close enough!

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