Author - Sophie Pouyanne

Soft Touch Velura Blankets in Queen Elizabeth Park by Kanata Blanket

Picnic in the Park

Katrina, Caitlin, and Sophie brought comfy Kanata blankets to Queen Elizabeth Park. These included Bill Helin's printed Velura™ with Raven design, Israel Shotridge's Lovebirds Velura™, the Soft Touch Velura™, and three Voile Scarves with licensed designs. Katrina and Caitlin took turns showing off Bill Helin's Raven Velura™ Throw. The red and black look striking against the natural surroundings. "In one hundred years, I see myself in a space station going for a run. Except instead of running, I would be floating, and [...]

Tek Explorer blankets and Patterns of Life Voile Scarf by Debra Sparrow and Kanata Blanket

The Tek Explorer at the Beach

Adrienne, April and Sophie from Kanata Blanket brought the Tek Explorer and Debra Sparrow's "Patterns of Life" Voile Scarf to the beach. Our first test was to bring the Tek Explorer right to the beach and drape it on a log. The Tek Explorer's fleece side was a lot comfier than sitting on plain wood and we didn't have to worry about getting dirty from sand, dirt or bird droppings. It was also nice to not have to worry about any wetness coming through, since [...]

Cooper with the Tek Explorer blankets by Kanata Blanket

Dogs Love Blankets, Too!

Cooper shows us that Kanata blankets make great gifts for dogs and other pets, as well as for people. Here, Cooper rocks Debra Sparrow's "Patterns of Life" Voile Scarf and the Buffalo Check Cabin Throw in red and black. He also puts his mark on the Tek Explorer, a picnic blanket that's waterproof on one side so you don't get wet. Cute!   Chillin' in the grass with sad puppy eyes. We thought Cooper would look really handsome in this Voile Scarf by Musqueam artist [...]

Adrienne with Kanata Blanket's Patterns of Life Voile Scarf by Debra Sparrow in Stanley Park

Blankets in Stanley Park

We had a picnic in Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, to test out the Tek Explorer, the Cabin Throw, the “Hummingbird” Velura blanket by Randy Wisla and the “Patterns of Life” Voile Scarf by Debra Sparrow. April’s dog, Cooper, became the unlikely star of the show — he rocked Kanata's blankets better than anyone! 1.       Would you rather go camping in a beautiful forest or spend the night in a fancy hotel? Adrienne: I would definitely rather go camping! I love [...]